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Mitch D. Smith

Mount Pleasant​, SC

Cell: 803.466.3220​

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Turner Merritt- Career Alignment

Mitch is truly a top notch business and performance coach. He goes all in for those he works with! I came to Mitch in a time of occupational transition in need of guidance on discerning my next move. Mitch could have simply given me basic, standard advice (which still would have been valuable) but that is not his style. Mitch didn't tell me what to do, he helped me design action steps on how to move forward. He also encouraged me to work through the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment so we could dive deeper into my natural strengths and abilities. Once completed, he took the time to walk me through each detail of the assessment findings. Mitch's proficiency in the Highlands Ability Assessment, combined with his vast knowledge of business and his genuine enthusiasm for helping people, make him one of the most influential people I've worked with. Mitch, I cannot thank you enough!