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"I am a parent of 4 children of which 2 were not sure what career path they wanted to take. These days when entering college it is so beneficial to be able to declare a major your freshmen year! To know what area your child wants to major in Will save time, money, and your sanity!


Mitch Smith and the Highlands Assessment came at the perfect time, and it was so intriguing to me I said let’s test both of them. It’s not your normal aptitude test, but really zeros in on your child’s God given gifts and personality type.


Rosemary and Zachary said it took 3 hours of unconventional testing. The results were incredible! Mitch spent several hours going over the results with all 3 of us . It was during this time that Rosemary  and Zachary discovered their  career paths! It gave them  and us so much relief from wondering and worrying! Rosemary is majoring in kinesiology and wants to be a Physical Therapist! She is enjoying her classes as it fits her! Zachary is majoring in Music business and wants to eventually own his own recording studio!! Both my husband and I are so grateful we decided to have them tested!


I would highly recommend Mitch and the Highlands to all parents with teens." 

-Olga Dorf, Texas

Statistics We Want to Avoid

51% of students say they graduated with the wrong major - Gallup

Study reveals that 70% of students change majors at least once during college. This is a costly statistic in both time and money. 

80% of Americans “hate their job.” Do you?

Here is where you come into the story...

I have hired and fired a lot of people in 25 years of business. The ones I fired was never because of something they did wrong. I fired them because they were miserable and making others miserable. You see, they were in the wrong role. They applied for a position their skills made them good at, but their God-given talents didn't align. I fired them to release them to pursue what they were created for. I didn't kick them out. I would give them time to look for the position they were suited for. I wish I had come across the Highlands Ability Battery 20 years ago, as I could have been even more helpful. Today, I continue to get calls from former employees who thank me for helping them their careers.


My goal is to help students select the right careers and colleges, as well as, young professionals select their new career and find joy. 

- Mitch D. Smith

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Given that you will spend over 90,000 working hours in your lifetime, devoting that time to something you love will have an immeasurable impact on your quality of life. There’s a right career for you. You just haven’t discovered it yet. The good news: It’s never too late. Start looking forward to Mondays!

As a student, you desire to know the answer to this question, and you’re not alone. It’s the most common career issue that we help students address. It’s also our specialty.

Choosing a career can feel overwhelming. Feeling pressure at an early age can cause students to select a career and college major before they know which field will be a good fit for their unique abilities. This is why it is important to discover your aptitudes before choosing a career field as a student or pivoting careers as a professional.

We empower your high school, college student or recent graduate. As a parent, you play an important role in preparing your student for their future. You want them to be excited, confident and optimistic. Position your student for future success by giving them a critical advantage: career clarity.

My career counseling can help position you so that your abilities will be highlighted and, ultimately, enjoying greater satisfaction in your work. By working with me, either in Charleston, SC or through Zoom video conferencing, you will receive clarity through career counseling that highlights your natural abilities.

How I Can Help 

The selection of the right degree to pursue should be ahead of selecting the right college. With so many options of degrees, schools, etc., you need a coach and tool to align. A two, four or six year degree is one of the greatest opportunities for young adults and one of the biggest investments a family will make.  Imagine if you could rely on dependable scientific research when making these life-changing decisions.


The Highlands Ability Battery can give your student the opportunity…

  • to capitalize on their God-given talents (not skills)

  • to be proactive vs reactive

  • to create self-awareness

  • to pinpoint their learning style and improve their study skills

  • to recognize the types of careers that align to their talents

The Highlands Ability Battery is great for students exploring internship opportunities. 

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