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Mitch D. Smith

Mount Pleasant​, SC

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"For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself"

- Viktor Frankl

Clarity, Private conversations and Alignment

Executive coaching is the creation of a one-on-one trusting relationship between me and you, a senior executive in a company, non-profit or educational institution. Our relationships is intended to benefit you by increasing your performance and helping you to reach untapped levels of success.


I bring truth and private conversation to the table. I want to discuss your goals, understand the best way to approach challenges and slow the highly complex decisions that make up your work, as well as helping you to create a servant-leader communication style with your organization.

My services include a variety of strategies that are designed to help you optimize your efficiency and communication, including self-help training, behavioral techniques and other tools designed to maximize executive performance. By using these tools and techniques, the end goal is to enable you to feel confident in your decisions, able to handle a variety of professional problems and to empower those around them to work toward doing the same. Assessing, equipping and aligning the team around you is a key part of what I do. Why? You are only as good as those you put around you. 


Are you facing challenges at the office? Is home life impacting your work or vice versa?


As your confidant, I can help limit the number of dilemmas you face in the first place, and help develop tailored results-based problem-solving techniques, which means more positive growth for the organization as a whole. Let's talk!

"Mitch is truly a top notch business and performance coach. He goes all in for those he works with! I came to Mitch in a time of  needed guidance on discerning my next move. Mitch could have simply given me basic, standard advice (which still would have been valuable) but that is not his style. Mitch didn't tell me what to do, he helped me design action steps on how to move forward. He also encouraged me to work through the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment so we could dive deeper into my natural strengths and abilities. Once completed, he took the time to walk me through each detail of the assessment findings. Mitch's proficiency as an executive coach, combined with his vast knowledge of business and his genuine enthusiasm for helping people, makes him one of the most influential people I've worked with. Mitch, I cannot thank you enough!"

- Turner Merritt

The Highlands Assessment & Coaching

I have been helping professionals that worked under me, or who came to me for consulting, for over 15 years. The goal is to assess the abilities and talents and align it to their current career, with a minor shift, or to look in a new area. My clients are nationwide, as the assessment tools and coaching I provide can be applied anywhere for a successful transition into a career where you will find greater joy.

I rely on the Highlands Ability Battery. It is objective, ensuring you don't persuade the outcome. This means that you must answer questions about yourself instead of taking an assessment that provides answers for you. It was only when I personally experienced the Highlands Ability Battery that I realized the power of objective abilities assessment and coaching.

How I Can Help 

Think of what we will do as a form of re-education. Your coach is not there to teach only you, a leader; he or she is there to teach you to bring out the best in all of your top performers and to foster better performance and develop your employees’ skill sets, too. After you’ve worked with a coach, you’ll be able to relay their strategies and lessons to team members at all levels of your organization. Executive coaching is most successful when the executive is able to pass on what he or she has learned to the rest of their team, turning the standard employee team into a well-oiled machine driven by top performers.

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