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Mitch D. Smith

Mount Pleasant​, SC

Cell: 803.466.3220​

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. -Aristotle


Executives & Professionals 

Coaching & Assessment

As an executive, you need a sounding board, trusted guide, objective mirror, accountability driver and listener. 


The leaders we work with desire help in communicating effectively, guidance in key issues and selecting the right people and aligning them. 

College & Career

Coaching & Assessment?

One of the most difficult and costly decisions in life happens around the age of 18. The great thing about life is we have choices. Because we have so many, we may get confused. Our culture delivers many messages, but what is the 'real' message?

What is your 'real' purpose?

What is your next step?


How Can I help you?

First, this is about you, not me. However, I realize you need some insight to know who I am, and why you should trust me with something so important.

Since graduating in 1990 from college, I knew I wanted to take a chance early in life and start a company. In 1993, I launched my first of four tech firms.  Today, I run Rootloud, a innovation/technology firm in Charleston. However, I steward my time in order to help executives and pastors who struggle from serving in very lonely positions, as well as, guiding future leaders. 

I have been married to Ashley for 24 years. We have three children, with the oldest pursuing worship leading and missions at YWAM-Kona. I am an international speaker, author and avid outdoorsman. I enjoy a good cigar and bourbon with friends. 

Mitch D. Smith

More about me (if  needed)

  • President of Rootloud, an innovation & technology company

  • Launched 4 tech startups & consulted to over 500 companies

  • M&A Director of a publicly-held firm

  • Turnaround specialist

  • Former Advisor to the Museum of the Bible in D.C.

  • 7 years in the SC Army National Guard

  • 1990 Graduate of The Citadel

  • Graduate of the Colson Fellows Program

  • Wrote the book JUNK and endorsed by Dave Ramsey

  • International Speaker - 9 countries

  • Certified Executive Coach and Certified in Design Thinking

  • Certified in Highlands Ability Battery & DiSC Assessments

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